Charisma's Voyages

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The former adventures of the good yacht Charisma were told on Patrick Fox's excellent webpage.


In this nautical blog, we continue the story. This begins from when we bought Charisma in 2005....


Sango Island. July 2011


This is not actually a voyage of Charisma but an adventure to an uninhabited stretch of St. John's Lake, where the daymark, lighthouse is found, used by Naval Ships as they manoever into the River Tamar. It is a beautiful unspoilt area, where people don't go, unless they are in the know.  Using an inflatable dinghy is the only effective means of getting there as the Lake is heavily mud bound when the tide drains out.


Sango Point can be seen from Torpoint as directly opposite the section of beach by St. John's Lake. Visiting it is like an adventure from  one of Arthur Ransome's books , where Nancy might pop out from behind a thorn bush and yell some pirate cry. When we ventured onto land we saw a Buzzard on a post, still and unperturbed by anyone. The daymark is a massive structure when close at hand, is surrounded by barbed wireand  it looses it's romantic look which it has at a distance. This place is just the sort of place to set up camp and believe that no one is near for miles, only birds and deer and sloe bushes and shaley tucked away beaches. 




Charisma season 2011 finished.


Charisma is out of the water and has now been put back on dry land after a good sailing season. She did more this year and ventured further out of the Plymouth Sound than on previous years. During the end of September heatwave, she went out for a memorable sail where a dolphin danced for her at her stern and bow. It was an exciting and mysterious moment. No picture of the event was taken  but the memory  of it's smiley, friendly face emerging from the water, will linger. Well done Charisma, you did us proud!!! 


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