Gillian's Site


Charisma's Voyages             - A nautical blog about our boat, Charisma

Kampala Childrens' Centre     - Centre for orphans in Kampala 
Areopagus Magazine             - Christian writers' magazine which Julian edits
Chill Radio                            - Our all time favourite radio, now more Internet than
                                             DAB but still great!
 The Simple Pastor                 Cool reports from a Pastor who believes in simple things
Resource                             Renewal of people and churches for mission in the power of the
                                           Holy Spirit in an Anglican ethos
 The Penguin Cafe Orchestra   The classic off the wall British sound. The complete outfit.
Breathe                                A Christian network for Simpler Living
 About Simplify             A special new part of the Evangelical Alliance site    encouraging simplification in life
The Met Office                          Everything you need to know about British Weather, even you they get it wrong like the Barbicue Summer 09 forecaste

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