Biblical Slow Cooking in Ceramics

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July 2nd 2012

I have been given a Slow Cooker, which is partially made of ceramics.

I have found out that it is very useful and the recipes can be made a long time in advance. As I searched to find out if it really is an inexpensive method of cooking, it appears that it is economical. One report clarified the various conflicting information by saying that the  Wattage, which runs the Slow Cooker can be translated into lightbulb comparison. So if the Slow Cooker runs on 200 Watts, it is the equivelant to two 100 watt lightbulbs running for the duraton of the cooking time. This does seem an inexpensive way to cook food. 



Since I was given a Slow Cooker, delightfully pre-used with a slight hairline crack in it, I have been thinking that this could be the closest way of cooking in a pot, like the Bible times. The inside pot is ceramic, it stands within it's one isolated heat source, the outer casing and food can slowly, beautifully develop, breaking down more inexpensive pieces of meat to a  become rich, intensely flavoursome meal.   I thought I would try to use my Slow Cooker to inspire me to cook Biblically creative meals, especially through the slow method of many hours within a stock liquid. I have never recorded my own recipes like this before and hopefully I won't run out of steam.

I have been cooking for many years.  I am always inspired by creative cooks. I like simplicity, fair economy, quality, tastiness and, in recent years, low fat.  All the recipes added to this section will incorporate low fat methods. This is the way I chose to cook now. 



Thursday Evening meal:  2nd July 2012

Honeyed Chicken Tangine with Apricots. serves 2

The Book of  Song of Songs inspires this recipe.

In Song of Song 5:1 it says "I have eaten my honeycomb and honey". I have also found that one Jewish website has noted that apples can be substituted with apricots in version of the Bible. Song of Songs plays with many references to spices and fruits and a recently purchased spice called Ras el Hanout contains many spices mentioned in the Book. Ras el Hanout means "Top of the shop" or the best that can be bought. My purchased spice includes cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, rose petals and also seeds and many others. It seems to be a spice that could have come straight out of the time of Solomon and his beautiful bride and could have been incorporated in the food of their wedding feast; it was the best that could be used.

Here is the recipe: It is low fat.

Spray about 8 sprays of Spray lite or equivilent onto a non stick large pan. Lightly fry a chopped onion and three crushed garlic cloves. After spray lite has dissolved, add  a little water to the pan to stop drying up.

Remove all skin from 6 chicken legs. Add chicken legs to pan and lightly cook outside of chicken.

Add 2 teaspoons of Ras el Hanout, 1 teaspoon of ginger, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Continue cooking for 10 minutes.

Decant to Slow Cooker.

 In same pan, add 2 chopped fresh tomatoes, 5 chopped dried apricots, a sweet long  red pepper, 1 teaspoon  dried oregano, lightly cook in pan and decant to slow cooker after 5 minutes.

Dissolve a chicken stock cube in three quarters of a pint of boiling water. add to this a dessert spoon of tomato puree and a dash of hot pepper sauce. Also add a dessert spoon of runny honey.

Add this to the Slow Cooker. Add Black pepper and Sea salt preferably by a grinder. Give contents a good stir.

Turn on Slow Cooker to low and cook for about  5 to 6 hours.

 Serve with couscous. We drank Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc wine to accompany meal

For information. Spraylite is a spray oil which represents only one calorie per spray. It is ideal to use when cooking low fat food. Please be careful of chicken bones as meat is so melting it is hard to observe them.

Enjoy a meal for a King (and his bride)


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