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This is a new place to record ideas, thoughts  about Art including  inspiring people I may have read about recently. If anyone would like to comment, I would recommend  the Guest Book or send me an email on the Contact  Us facility. I am interested to hear from you. I will then create a place where these are recorded.

Ist September 2012

Today, as I walked home with shopping, I saw something so unexpected and surreal.  It wasn't a pirate walking with a white parrot on his shoulder, but I blinked again. It was a cockatoo, pristine white on the shoulder of his owner. The bird looked like he was loving it, having a ride on a stong, moveable perch. I stopped the people who were with this beautiful bird. I asked questions, they gave me answers.  This beautiful bird smiled a smile with his pincer beak. He was so happy. He had been rescued and over three years was  transformed from a wreck with almost body breakdown  into a clean, radiant, exquisitely preaned, curl smiling cockatoo. I made his acquantance, as I peeked beneath my straw hat. They told me he could blow me a kiss but the hat was a little different to what he meets when he is out walking, perhaps I looked "all hat and little face". Next time, Yes, next time, please let the beautiful cockatoo blow me a happy, curl smiling kiss. It will be a kiss on North Road, not stolen but given in joy, because this bird is the happiest bird in Torpoint.

11July 2012

I bought back a treasure trove of pieces from Torpoint Beach recently. An expressive, jutting shaped piece of wood, with flaking blue paint , a  squat thickish small square piece, a long plank with attached seaweed. The things I carried were like doing a balancing act. I had a few glances of interest. Torpoint Beach is so interesting and alive with ideas.


4th February 2012

I found a piece of pottery which clearly had a picture of a chinese man carrying a pot of tea. It is the first clear and definite piece, from which possibly a date could be given. I am unsure if the piece is genuinely Chinese or a British copy. It is special and am planning to get it checked. Torpoint  beach has many interesting little jewels of ceramic history waiting to be uncovered


6th January 2012

My hands are cold because I have been picking up pieces of discarded ancient pottery on Torpoint's shoreline. Helped by a new pair of trendy colourful wellies, I am up to contending with sea, sand and shingle. I found a large piece of marbline, possible masonry, it's shiney glaze is crackled with age. The other larger piece is a old battered honey like glazed piece, possibly a piece of chimney. I found also some assorted little pieces of porcelain to work up in the new season at college. I have suddenly realised that beach combing can become a delight. Margaret Mellis, the artist who once lived in Carbis Bay and who assembled pieces of wood is an inspirational person, who will be  a focus of reseach over the coming months as well as Georgia O Keefe.  


2nd January 2012

It has been continuously raining it seems for days, over holiday time  to holiday time. Torpoint can be an interesting place over the New Year's Eve celebration. One year a clutch of Spidermen dressed to celebrate the annual partying at the Ferrylanes wandered past. This year, a very cold and wet group of men dressed in tutus and wigs staggered by. The senseable person of the group was a woman holding an umbrella and wearing a coat. 

 30 December 2011

St. Ives beaches have different characters and I would like to capture these distinctive characters in clay . Over the past few days the seas have lashed St. Ives beaches. I watched a couple of surfers ride the wild froth of the waves at Porthgwidden.They were unable to stay on their boards for long and helter skeltered off at different angles. Even though I lived in St. Ives for a time, I was only struck by the uniqueness of Porthgwidden when I watched. It is small and yet very intense and the sea charges around from the Island and smacks right in close when the tide is high. From memory, I know that it gets deep suddenly and can be trecherous. The colour of a late December day was still hinting of the aquamarine of  Summer days. St. Ives is still a wild place which cannot be tamed, though people may  try.

26 December 2011

Thoughts stray onto Friendship again.

Continuing to be off subject but I have been thinking about counterfeit friends and Facebook . I searched online and found a website called, designed for Christian students in the USA. It produces an excellent description of different forms of stages of  friendship which a person will develop through their lives. These are the Circle of Concern, the Circle of Influence and the Circle of Intimacy. The Circle of Concern is the type of friend who does not have so much influence on you than you have on them. The Circle of Influence are the people you allow into your life who influence you. The Circle of Intimacy are for the very special people. When one of these types of friends are placed  into the wrong area, real problems of rejection and hurt can happen very easily.  For instance someone could appear very friendly upfront and maybe instantly admitted from the Circle of Concern to the Circle of Intimacy. Counterfeit friends will be very persuasive at first but beware, they need to earn your trust and that is not showering someone with gifts but being obviously for you. Facebook can mix everything together so that no-one is very sure what kind of friend they are dealing with.

How the website descibes it is  Counterfeit friends look real, certainly sound very real, but they can never deliver real, lasting friendship and they are probably in it for their own self gratification. Time determines the real facts that these friends will fail. They are certainly not for you and will end up hurting disappointing and rejecting. Infact counterfeit friends are worse than enemies.

I think it takes a life time to navigate through the rough seas of friendship. I do believe that a  living relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to help make lasting and vital freindships with people. It is, as it is often said, a jungle out there and He is the best friend of all to start with. 

21 December 2011

Not so friendly Friends.

I am thinking about friendship generally and gauging people's reactions to  my leaving  Facebook. It is almost  two weeks since leaving FB and I have been watching for any withdrawl symptoms or inversely anything to be relieved about.

It is interesting to note that people stare at you when you tell them that Facebook is no longer in your life, as if to take in the truth that surely it's the death of social activity rather than freedom. I tell them again and look for any other reactions. Disbelief is a reaction and I wonder why. Life can continue on like the days before, when people kept in touch with emails or better still, a real handwritten letter with real writing on it.

I told a couple of my friends and they were fascinated. One person told me that one of the danger's she felt was that not just your friends are watching and reading the wall, but also people who don't really like you and will put negative comments on written pieces, especially when someone is writing revealing emotional comments on their wall. These are definately the not so friendly Friends brigade.

The thoughts about friendship connected to this is that people are often not what they seem, especially online. The Bible does warn us to watch out for people who appear friendly and kind on the surface but have their own agendas which are not often very pure motives. It is more about power. I was making a Naverin of Lamb dish recently and when I cut through a small turnip, it was brown and rotten inside. It looked fine on the outside, perfect infact, but inside totally unuseable and disappointing. It is even harder with Facebook because people can hide themselves even more, but it is the age old story, beware people bearing gifts and upfront  kindness friendship without knowing them first. The question to be asked is Why?

 19 December 2011.

Leaves as Friends.

Since making Leaf Imprint boxes and more recently flat sculptural leaf bowls, I tend to look on pavements for leaves. If I happen to be near a park in Plymouth, like Beaumont Park,  I will go in and rapidly scurry about looking for freshly fallen oak leaves or anything which takes my fancy. I look like an eccentric, bending over, heaping leaves into plasic bags, but I have accepted it goes with the territory and have passed being  bothered. I glance up to see if anyone is giving any piteous looks, but carry on.

One thing I have learned is that there is a whole world of nature on the pavement just waiting to be discovered, avoiding anything nasty of course. The Ginko leaf appears to travel very long distances. There have been some wild stormy winds in the past few weeks in the UK and leaves have travelled on journies. There is a lovely collection of Ginko leaves in Torpoint high street but I see no Ginko tree. However, I do know where there are some Ginko's about 2 miles away in Antony Estate Gardens. Are they from there? The hunt is on for the nearby  Ginko tree!!


11th December 2011

A Taste of Paradise, a taste of Life

 We have always enjoyed visiting "The Eden Project" and almost any excuse is all that is required. It is interesting getting to know such a unique place in Cornwall. The Biomes house tropical and temperate plants and we visit them as friends, especially with a yearly pass. We know where the Bismark palm is and the banana grove, the Asian hut and mangrove swamp.  After a gap of over a year, there were some new and wonderful extra's added.  The Rainforest Lookout allowed everyone to walk over a hundred feet above the rainforest in the Tropical Biome. The Lookout is a metal platform jutting out from a walkway accessed by  climbing  up of metal stairs.  The other unusual surprise was drinking from the "tree of life". A smoothie made from the juice of the Baobab tree, mixed with coconut, mint and pinapple. It is mean't to taste of sherbett. Turning a corner we found a little cafe, selling a drink in the middle of a tropical forest in Cornwall. What a unexpected surprise, what a taste!!!


5th December 2011

Last night on BBC2, there was a programme called "Inside Facebook". It was an interview of Mark Zuckerberg, the incredibly youthful, founder of Facebook. We watched of it because we have decided to leave FB recently and the hours are moving towards when we do the big personal shut down with FB. I wanted to watch the programme because I wanted to see what made FB tick and if this had any connection to why I was leaving.  Zuckerberg seemed a friendly enough fellow who has made it his business to create friendship and his business is worth a few bob (loads of money) He said he did it to connect people together. 

I am leaving because I didn't think having even 50 friends means that I get in touch with them any more now that it has become so easy to "connect" with FB. Infact, famililarity has mean't that I don't actually connect anymore.

 In the progamme, some people were interviewed to find out how many friends they had. Many had over a thousand. How do people stay connected to so many friends? The simple answer must be that they don't. So are people really staying connected ?  

The arty part of this piece  is I have enjoyed turning this arty-line as a way to record thoughts. I did it because I knew I was leaving FB and wanted to write somewhere on my website. FB seems to like random and the recordings  here are random. It is whatever takes my fancy to write about at the time, mainly about art.

I want to do a little study on Friendship and creativity and will add occasional parts to it. I think the reason why FB is so huge is that people crave friendship and relationship. But unfortunately numbers don't give friendship. Friendship takes time and plenty of effort and sometimes it can really hurt and disappoint.

Rather what makes FB tick but What makes Friendship tick? 


   3rd December 2011

It is something when people actually love your work--enjoy it--- and that it has nothing to do with money at all but  they seek it out to be enjoyed.

Creativity begins with perception and perception meaning taking in with the senses. This means using the senses, seeing , hearing, tasting, touching and smelling and giving it meaning in the mind. The word aesthesis comes from the Greek verb aesthanomae meaning to perceive through the senses. Allowing your senses to be engaged with your surroundings will give rise to creativity. Derived from the book "What makes Creative people Different" by Colin Martindale.

The British Art Show  7"In the Days of the Comet"  finishes in Plymouth tomorrow. It has mean't to put Plymouth on the international art trail and was hyped and hyped so that everyone from the Devonport dockyard workers to Fish and Chip owners could describe detailed aspects of it,  like the  giant bear's head  made out of canvasy material on the promotional poster . I know Art is mean't to be loosely connected to it's subject but one puzzle was why no real connection to it's title... exciting things can be done with the theme of comets. I had one last lingering look yesterday and thought, Umm. It was fun while it lasted but now it's time to move on. Highlighs were the audio-visual installation called " Regaining a Degree of Control " it was a stunning experience on all the senses. I liked Karin Ruggaber's Relief, which was an arrangemnet of tile-like forms resembling finds from an archaeological dig. Most enjoyable and fun was Christian Marclay's "The Clock "featuring thousands of film fragments working through a full 24 hour day. You could go back at a certain part of the day  and see the same clips again. I would have actually like this one to stay longer.  


30th November 2011

The recent art programme on BBC4 called Art of America has been inspiring and educational. The writer and presenter Andrew Graham Dixon has been rather intense but I learned plenty. I found the paintings of Edward Hopper startling like angst photographs. The final episode included the photography of Nan Goldin. There is a similarity between the two artists as  people watchers and studying pain. I found that the book containing the photographs of Nan Goldin in the college library had disappeared but the search is on.  


27th November 2011

The Inspiring person of  artist Georgia O Keeffe

This is a new place to record ideas, thoughts  about Art including  inspiring people I may have read about recently. If anyone would like to comment, I would recommend  the Guest Book or send me an email on the Contact  Us facility. I am interested to hear from you. I will then create a place where these are recorded.

In the Guardian newspaper last week, there was a fascinating article about the new book by the Photographer Annie Leibovitz called  "Pilgrimage." The Photorapher went on a study to different homes and places and one of these people was the space of the  American artist Georgia O Keeffe. I immediately found a book containing her work and was astounded to see the poetical quality of her paintings. I am going to study her work for a time, especially her abstract paintings which are full of lines and rounds of intense colour. She died when she was aged 98 years old. What a lifetime to be a learner of life. It seems she had a simple life . She worked on her land , ate well and enjoyed her environment. She appeared to love nature. Whilst searching two of her books I was delighted to see that she painted crosses with the backdrop of the sea behind it. She also painted leaves within leaves one of which was superimposed on another.    I am really pleased to find out about her and will look for inspiration from her now.



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