What are Ramestones?

The beautiful stones we call 'Ramestones' are in fact amethysts - precious stones, polished by a tumbling process in the Ramestones Studio, for approximately two weeks.

What they are NOT!

These are simply beautiful stones. There’s nothing magical about them; nor do they posess healing qualities, etc. They are just great to look at and touch, precious stones like diamonds but costing a tiny fraction of the price! Their varied patterns and markings are fascinating to observe, and spark the imagination as you look at the exquisite detail.

In history

Amethysts were considered to be exquisitely beautiful to behold, so much so that this type of precious stone is mentioned in the Bible. The book of Revelation describes the foundations of the celestial city of New Jerusalem as being decorated with twelve different types of precious stone. The twelth was amethyst (Revelation 21: 19-20).


The Ramestone in the photo is just a sample - actual stones will vary in degrees of colour and translucency, but the overall 'look' will be the same. The photo on this page is the actual size.

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