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    What can come out of a visit to Spurn Head?

    Sometimes a holiday can be something much more. In my case, it was a visit the place where my Grandmother was born one hundred years ago. It was to follow through a piece of family lore which could set about the beginnings of  investigations into the  lighthouse family history of the Halls.

    Spurn head has left it's mark. I have many photo's of this wild terrain of Holderness, a place it seems that the poet Philip Larkin would come and seek out something special. 

    Unexpectedly though, not just the place has been revealed. Through this visit, a piece of fascinating information has been unearthed that was staring everyone in the face.  

    Robert James Hall had  ancestry from the Scilly Isles. I found that his mother was born on Tresco and most probably his father, also Robert James Hall, lived on St. Agnes Lighthouse and died there and has likely been buried on Scilly some where. His wife then had to bring up her young family on Tresco and Hugh Town , St. Mary's. Her name was Orpah Nicholl's

    I am thrilled to have discovered this piece of rich family history.


    Continuing on from outside the Lighthouse, the time is  right  to go within.

     Trinity house

     Doors Locked


     From doors being padlocked, the entrance is now  granted and Spurn Head Lighthouse door has been unlocked.



    The door is open

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