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  1.        Nature Poetry Box                   Nature Poetry Box 2
    I felt inspired by Autumn this year.  I wanted to create something with leaves and words combined together. After some research about leaf resist, I found I could make a box about the  personal impressions of Autumn. It is interesting looking for different leaves, searching out the unusual and picking up what is generally discarded... the ultimate in recycling with nature.
    These leaves would be used on my box.. they happened to be a piece of Devonport also, a place generally considered more urban than rural, however, this area of Plymouth has some fantastic trees, even Walnut  leaves were found. 
    Dan, my tutor at college, suggested  help  with the technical, as I put slip over the leaves which were placed on my box. Afterwards, I applied the words about Autumn, pressing in printers block lettering.
    Autumn was caught in clay this time.. crackle and crunch.

    The Poem for the Poetry Nature Box

    Swirls of leaves dropping,

    Mush on earth,

    Under burnished sunlight.

    Crackle and Crunch.

    Blown across pavements and roads

    October and November

    Brown mixtures twirl

    Clumps form

    At the feet of trees

    Branches elongate

    Stretching to touch silvery grey skies

    A prelude to cold weather approaching.


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    Treasure Birds

    When I started making what I originally called Scripture Birds, I had the Holy Spirit in mind.  The Old School House in Morvah, where I have sold some of these Birds, started to call the pieces Treasure Birds. I thought it was a wonderful name and captured much more of the mystery and wonder of the person of the Holy Spirit.
    In Church art,  often the Holy Spirit is expressed through the shape of a Dove. Infact, in Matthew's Gospel, after Jesus was baptised by John, it says in the Bible "he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him." 
     Who is the Holy Spirit?
    When a person has a born again experience of Jesus Christ and accepts Him as Lord and saviour, The Holy Spirit brings new birth for the new believer.
     In John's Gospel, Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, a very important religious leader,  and told him, "I tell you the truth, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" . At the time Nicodemus was not able to grasp the amazing truth of this statement.
    Such powerful and very clear words about how a person changes instantly.  I  personally think it is so wonderful to have a description of how a person can become a Christian, which was  uttered by Jesus at the start of His ministry.
    The wonderful mystery is, that when a person becomes born again, the Holy Spirit lives with that person forever as a treasure within. The adventure begins, it is like a person is able to fly on the wings of the Holy Spirit.

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