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  1. There has been another opportunity to exhibit my work in The Upper Room Christian bookshop in Plymouth. Following the recent sale of one of my pieces at the Upper Room, the owners have allowed me to display a Scripture Heart and Cross. The Upper Room has been celebrating it's 60th anniversary this year, and recently held a special commemorative meeting. The shop has a vital ministry in the city and it is exciting to be involved.
    Upper Room 2                  Upper Room 1
                                           Upper Room 3
  2. Returning from Holt and Broughton Gifford from a ten day visit, where  the Holt vicar, Andrew Evans, organised  with Resource, a special "share faith" event within a huge section of the community. Being part of the ten people, I had the chance to talk about Christianity and why it matters to me personally. I learned how to share aspects of my faith with many people, which was really exciting.
    I met many lovely people and animals, including Cassie the dog. I will never forget my time staying in such a beautiful part of Wiltshire and I know that I have made many friends there, meeting, amongst others, a part-time clown, full time vicar. On my return by train, I met a very large rabbit called Harley, named after the motor bike. He was travelling to Liskeard to be groomed.
      Broughton Gifford Church      Harley on the train

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