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  1. This is the forgotten corner of Cornwall, Torpoint in the Rame peninsular. We live on the edge in Torpoint between the  rivers Tamar and the Lynher. It is like a gateway into Cornwall where three car ferries bring thousands across daily, if only the many would look just a little more deeper they would see a different looking Cornwall, yet still Cornwall.

    We’re on the edge here.

    A place where the map runs out of ink.

    Where the accents soften,

    And Cornwall fends off the Plymouth Sound.

    Land like a piece of crimped pasty on the edge.

    Where salt bangs insistant from Devonport,

    And warships leave and glance right, aware of a difference.

    Sounds float over the water and England speads as an echo.

    When we step into the water it becomes Devon over there.

    Devon, I can’t look at you the same,

    You’re not the same; You’re outside of us here.

    Torpoint is still Cornwall:

    It’s the difference between yes and no.

    The division is more than a map,

    Cornish memories and Cornish thoughts making Cornish decisions.

    We’re on the edge.

    Do they realise it, these Torpoint people?

    Unconsciously different from those over the water.

    These people who walk around the town,

    Pick up their Cornish edge as they move on ferry and car.

    Intermingling, they infect the English side with something hidden.

    Torpoint is like an outpost in a Western;

    But go deeper and it gets serious.

    Taste the depth, even from here, breathe the air.

    Take the road and travel down to my places.

    It’s easy to do, no boundaries.

    Touch the rock, it’s the same rock,

    The same as the shaley pebbles on Torpoint shoreline.

    They reflect the same clouds, blown over.

    The division stretches up and down, the earth and the sky.

    It is no different, even though we’re here on the edge.

    Still Cornish.

    Still Kernow.

    23/08/05 and 20/01/06



  2.  marks  Ramestone Ceramics has been given an opportunity to be showcased in Plymouth. The Upper Room Christian book shop now has some work available to be seen in the heart of the city centre. How exciting is that!!!! This is one of the pieces available to be purchased,inspired by a piece of art in Derriford Hospital Chapel.

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