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A future Competition is announced


Ramestone Ceramics will be having a free competition  very soon.


The  competition prize will be announced in the next  blog so keep checking when this will be.

A hint about the prize is that it is found on one of the blog pages and it has been made by a more  unusual ceramic process.

Another clue is that it is very simple.

The photo is not a clue!!!


Snowy Torpoint

 Unusual snow on Maker hills by St. John's Lake

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  1. sandra tresidder

    Have I got this in the right place? Your crosses mmade me feel despair and anguish, as a cross should. Not all shiny and light, but grainy ans distressed. I love them . I would have one by my yard, by the dog run and stable so I could see them all from my bedroom and feel better.

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