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Raku Crosses                               single raku cross
Today is Palm Sunday and the start of the Easter week to Easter Sunday.
During Jesus's ministry  there is a  concentrated focus of events which take place at this time in the Bible.
Who is Jesus and What did he do during this Easter Week that is so special?
Only a special person could do what he did.
Someone who is both man and God.
Jesus was a man. He was born and he lived as a  real person in a particular part of the Middle East. He had a job, he was a skilled craftsman and then became a preacher for about 3 years. There is documented evidence which talks of this apart from what is written in the Bible. Then he died as a criminal when he was about 33 years old.
How he died and having the faith to believe in  him as being God as well as man are interlinked.
Dying an agonising death on a cross and being punished is one thing. Many people were punished by the Romans during this time in this way.
What makes Jesus's situation special is if he was human and God together. It makes his death something completely different.
The Bible states that it could only take one person to be able to absorb everything that is bad about people's characters, die with it and then beat death itself by coming alive again. The only  person who could do this had to be God and man at the same time.  
My art response to Easter this year has been to make some ceramic crosses and place them in  parts of the Rame Peninsular on Good Friday. They will be put in all sorts of areas. One place will be an ancient chapel called St. Michael's Chapel, high up overlooking the Plymouth Sound. Another area will be near Seaton Beach. We will go and place these crosses in the hope that someone who sees them will remember what happened on  Easter Week and think about the person of Jesus.
If you live locally in this South East part of Cornwall, look out for a cross on your travels or if you would like to ask any questions about what I have written in the piece do contact me.

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